November 30, 2011

All about kids

We went to "all about kids" on monday with a bunch of our friends... it was a blast. They have blow up toys to play on from 9-12 and then from 12-1 is the gym's free time. so they have tramps, foam pits, slides, trapeze, a big tumbling mat ect... Sawyer was in heaven. I thought we would only stay and play for a little while, but he was running around like crazy and every time he would run by me he would say "this fun!!" He was just loving the tramps... he would jump, bounce, and just laugh... the foam pit took him a little while to warm up to, but then he was jumping right in and then he would go down the slide into the pit. He sometimes will be brave, but sometimes cautious. He is just such a fun boy! We just love this boy and think he is so smart! He is starting to learn to sing the itsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star. He sings these songs to braydon and I when he goes to bed... ADORABLE!

November 25, 2011

So much to be thankful for!

this was our table... we were lucky enough to sit with our great friends the hick's. We love lauren and tyler so much. Sawyer also loves them... "lala and ty" are his really good buddies and they are so good to him. I need to get the pictures from lauren of everyone

Some of the guys taking a break after dinner before we had dessert to watch the football game

Sawyer and cute lydia... this was the only picture I got of the kids... lame I know

Watching football with the guys

turkey coma... the boys came home and crashed
It's so easy to get caught up in the game of life that we forget that we are so very blessed. I am so grateful for so many things and it would be impossible to sit here and name them all. I have an amazing family, parents, siblings, spouse, extended family, and of course my sweet boy. He really is the biggest blessing in our life. I have great friends old and new. We have our health and sometime our sanity. We have so much to be grateful for. This was kind of a hard thanksgiving for me and also a really fun one. I was a li.ttle sad that we wouldn't be home with my family this year, but we were lucky enough to spend our thanksgiving with some of our great friends. We had a little combined thanksgiving feast up at our club house and everyone who came pitched in.... and let me tell you the food was amazing. All these amazing girls are such great cooks. Not really surprised though. everyone made enough food so we could all take left overs home which was a nice treat. It was also so much fun cooking with braydon. We had a blast get making our portion of the meal together.  I hope it becomes a tradition because it's fun to be with people you love on thanksgiving and since we couldn't be with family it was fun to be with our kentucky family. We have been so blessed to have come here and met so many special people. Heavenly father truly had a hand in our lives because we for sure needed to be here and as hard as it is sometimes we really do love it here and love all the people. We are just so thankful.

Our visit to Indianapolis with "sunshine"

Sawyer loves bath time. It was so fun for him to have bath time at grandma's hotel

he was obsessed with bumblebee. we had to go hug him everyday

My mom and the people she taught on her mission... so cool

riding the bus

sitting in class with grandma

walking to class with grandma

hiding from grandma to scare her

My mom took him up and down a million times. He loved it, but so did she... secretly!
We had such a fun time visiting my mom while she was in indiana for a confrence. We drove almost three hours and it was so worth it. We stayed in a very nice hotel and sawyer was the only child, kid, young person in the whole hotel. He was a hit though. He was putting on a show for everyone. Saying hello and just being hilarious to everyone he came in contact with. One night my mom and some of her teachers had this party to go to. No kids allowed, but my mom said we could bring sawyer anyway. Well there was a band and fun glow stick necklace passed around and the place was decorated it was fun. Well, my sweet son was dancing with all the drunk people and just having the time of his life. It was time for some people to get some awards (my mom and her school included woot woot) so the band got off the stage well sawyer being a crowd please got up on stage and started posing for everyone and all the professional photographers that were there for the event. It was hilarious. They are suppposed to send my mom the pictures they took. I can't wait to see them. Then one day we drove about an hour outside of inianapolis to a place called  bloomington. My mom served her mission there. And we were able to go meet a family she taught and that was baptized. It was really fun for her and for me. Such a cool thing for her to see them after so many years. We had so much fun with "sunshine" as sawyer calls my mom and we are so glad she came out so close to us so we could see her. It made us really home sick for the rest of my family and made us sooooo excited to go home for christmas... I can't wait!!


these boys are the grandsons of the women braydon and some of his friends helped baptize. She only speaks portuguese

Sawyer and his buddy george/spiderman
Sawyer and blake/cowboy

This was the best picture we could get of sawyer and lily/bumblebee

Sawyer and morgan/princess

We had to take the candy away... he was pretty bummed about it

He had to much fun... nothing else to do, but sleep

We had such a fun time this halloween. Sawyer was so excited about being a train conductor and of course we had to get the thomas the train candy bucket. He loves that thing and plays with it all the time still. We had several fun parties over halloween weekend. the ward party was a lot of fun and great food. So many fun chilis to choose from. Then the kids went around to all the rooms and trick-or-treated. Sawyer of course tried to steal more then one candy at each room... my kind of man! Then saturday we went to our friends the low's. They had a blow up bounce house and everyone brought something for food. It was fun hanging out with lots of friends and meeting new ones. we had a great time... sawyer, although it was freezing outside never wanted to leave the bounce house. He loved it. he would have stayed all night if we would have let him. Then on actual halloween we went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood behind our complex. It's fun because everyone sits on their porch and you just ahve to walk up and grab some candy.... sawyer tried to go into a few peoples houses... that was hilarious. We had a great time with our train conductor and can't wait for next halloween. CHOOO CHOOO!!!