April 28, 2012

I know i've talked about sawyer's sleeping habits so i know it comes to no surprise that he has been getting up for what seems like the day at 3 am and then about 7 he will go back to bed... by this point it is a real challange for me to fall asleep. I do try though.

This kids loves bath time

Braydon has been studying like CRAZY (he always does) for finals. This was midnight last weekend and he just couldn't stay awake. Poor guy! He works so hard.

We set up the pack and play in our room this week and sawyer just could not help himself. He loves to get in brothers bed!

He loves to help with every meal. it's a fun thing for us, but this morning his dad had to have home made waffles. So I let sawyer and braydon have at it. He told braydon... "daddy can we use the chicken egg and the suction cups to make waffles" hilarious... he means kitchen aid and measuring cups. He is so funny

he insisted on taking braydons work glasses to the store.

This boy is such a trooper. He is soo good at the doctor. Sometimes we have to wait a long time and he gets really bored. It's been fun for him though because my doctor lets him find the heart beat every week and he loves to do that!

Such a tired boy!

Daddy's birthday... he had to study ALL day so we made him go to lunch with us so we could at least spend some time with him on his birthday! Happy birthday braydon! WE love you so much and think you are an amazing husband, father, and friend. We are so lucky:)

"mom this is so heavy"

Braydon usually texts me and says he is coming home well, latey with finals he either goes straight to study or says i have only a half hour. I sent him and sawyer out to play on the hill during that half hour... he can have dinner on the go right?

Our grocery store has this horse ride for a penny. Of course it's the slowest longest ride EVER, but sawyer loves it. And he always tells people walking by that this is his horse clyde ( one of my dads horses) and that he is waiting for his bampa to come ride with him.

He loves spiderman and watching his shows on his ipod in his bed!

Ironman, optimus prime, and a sucker? this kid just couldn't handle all that excitement

He thinks he is so funny running around naked ALL the time

Just having a relaxing day at the park. I usually take my car and lately he has been asking me to take his too.

We watched our little friend parker this week. Sawyer loves him and loves to boss him around. They always have a good time.

laying in bed... they were laughing so hard at each other

just reading his elmo book his sunshine gave him.... it's his favorite

He thinks this is so funny!

love my little spiderman! he is obsessed with all his little super hero guys. He changes who he loves day to day. Sometimes he says he is spider man and the next he is green lantern, but don't worry dad and mom are always someone too. Dad is usually HULK... hilarious

our first splash pad fun of the year!

He fell asleep under the chair while i was sitting on it. I am glad I didn't try and get up with him underneath!

He fell asleep with his icecream cone in hand. It went everywhere

We just love bathtime at our house. I look forward to having a clean boy because lets face it he is crazy and gets very sweaty and dirty by the end of the day... sometimes we have to do bath time twice in one day. He has the sweetest face and I just love him!

April 12, 2012

He is always so hyper after his bath

Watching conference can be really hard sometimes!

I took sawyer to the dentist. A darling place called derby city dental. They let you dress up like jockey's and they had tv's on the ceiling he thought that was so cool. He did a really good job. The only part he didn't like was the flouride. Everytime we brush his teeth he opens his mouth and says count my teeth like the dentist mama

going to the park with his spiderman backpack

We were lucky enough to have two awesome play days with our friend lily. Her mom just had a beautiful baby boy jack and we got to just play play play while she was in the hosptial and recovery at home. the kids on the hill... yes sawyer took his pants off half way through us playing outside. He always asks to take his pants off... HELP

Braydon picked lily up from the hospital early saturday morning and sawyer had no idea she was out our house. Braydon said "i have a present for you" he about had a heart attack when he saw lily on the couch. He LOVES her.

They both wanted to watch harry potter... it didn't really last long they were to crazy so we went back outside

typical morning play time

playing with cute kenz

It was 85 two weeks ago... it was so hot that our friend natalie pulled out their blow up little pool and we filled it up with a little water and the kids went nuts. Sawyer took off his pants.... again!

He is the sweetest boy... most of the time. He told me so that he didn't have to go to sleep that he wanted to "snuggle." how could i say no. I love this boy so much

he loves to go down the slide and pop up and scare me!

He would swing all day everday if i let him

This is how sawyer helps his daddy study

Braydon giving sawyer and ironman and spiderman tattoo. He loves them.

" I text my daddy mama"

Trying to convince me to stay up late.... He is so spoiled, but so adorable

Wrestling with his dad. They love to do this.

Sawyer has just been so crazy lately. Saying things that are just so funny and who knows where he comes up with the things he says. So on sunday night braydon was trying to get him dressed after his bath and he started running all over the house naked. He thought it was so funny. He eventually ended up on the couch and braydon went to pick him up and he put his hand out and said "no dad just listen.... ok dad listen" like he was going to convince braydon not to get him dressed for bed. He is so funny. Last night I said sawyer it's time to get out of your bath... "mama please dont' talk to me like that" WHAT??? hey kid where do you come up with this stuff? He just kills me. He has been so sweet to my tummy lately. He always touches it and says "wake up" and he will always say "come on brother" It should be interesting to see how things go when this baby gets here. I have been having all sorts of emotions lately about having two kids. We are so excited, but i just don't want sawyer to feel less loved and I just hope they are best friends. It's coming up so fast which is a little freaky. I wonder how different they will be personality wise and look wise. We are also looking forward to my mom and sister to come here. Sawyer asks me everyday if they are coming on the plane today. i say no not today... he says "tomorrow" he just doesn't get it, but he will be in heaven with them here and to have all their attention. I just wish my whole family could come. It will be weird not having my dad here and my brother sil and bil. I just isn't the same, but we are so grateful that my mom and sister are able to take time out of their life to help us!! We are so lucky.

April 01, 2012

Out on a walk with daddy. He loves being outside and when his daddy is able to come it's just the best

the kids we do baby swap with minus addison! we love these kids

eating his icecream on the stairs

he looks so uncomfortable! he loved happy feet

We have been painting lately. He loves it and we paint at least 5 pictures everytime! from the picture you can tell it was really fun

Making pirate telescopes he thought was so fun

sitting by his friend morgan

hanging out with the girls and having popsicles... it was a really HOT day.

pants??? optional

he loves to sit on daddy, hide and scare me!

We went to sesame street live with our friends Brittany and Blake. It was so fun. He was in heaven. he was dancing and jumping and singing. He ran to the very front and went under the rope to the stage. During a break in song he yelled "elmo it's me sawyer" he kills me!

typical saturday morning during laundry time!

Just a bit tired!