September 18, 2010

He loves to jump!

Sawyer is 8 months old. I can't believe how time has just flown by. I held a newborn yesterday and I wanted to cry. It's almost like i couldn't remember that Sawyer was that small and it was like it was yesterday. I love this boy so much, but sometimes it's so hard being a mother. I get lonely bored in need of girl time, husband time, family (mom and sister) time. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but it's still hard. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes when he cries and I've fed him, changed him and he still cries. My sweet friend who is just super mom is always so comforting. She tells me no matter if you have one or three it's still hard and a lot of work. She always has the best advice and the best words for me. I feel so privileged that Heavenly Father has sent me this little boy. I feel so terrified to raise his choice spirit in this awful scary world. I can tell how sensitive and sweet Sawyer is. I know that I will have to talk to him instead of yell if he does something wrong. I know how lucky I am that he is mine FOREVER. He is such a good boy. Parenting is hard, but so rewarding. Here is what Sawyer loves and hates.
  •  He loves to eat! He loves bread, fruit, and yes mac and cheese. Sorry to those who don't approve. 
  •  He hates veggies
  •  He now just won't go to anyone, but he loves his gma Laura gpa Eric, uncle Ben, Aunt emo, uncle jon his daddy, paul, maddie, and his uncle mat. I'm not going to lie i'm his favorite. I love it so much, but sometimes I wish he would go to others when I need a break. 
  •  He loves for me to hold him when he is sad
  •  He loves his light frog. It lights up stars on the ceiling and plays music. He falls asleep to it at night.
  •  He loves his silky. He won't go to sleep without a silky blanket to cuddle. 
  •  He hates to sit
  •  He loves to stand and be helped to walk. He would walk for hours if my back would allow to be bent over like that.
  • He loves to drink juice and water our of his sippy cup. 
  • He loves other kids. If he sees any child he freaks out and wants to touch them and play with them.
  •  He loves when people say bye bye to him and sometimes if you are lucky he'll wave to you. 
  • He loves to call me and braydon DA DA it's so funny. I am trying to teach him to say dada so that I could tell braydon that he wants him, but it turns out i'm dada!!

Crazy hair

Play time before bed

Mommy and Sawyer at the fair. He was so tired. I am at a loss with his hair... I want to cut it and I don't. It is just wild right now.

Our little family at the state fair

Braydon and I at the Utah/ Unlv game!! Of course we won!! Thanks to my uncle Alan for letting us use two of his tickets. Front row! Such a fun game

Go utes!

Grandma and Sawyer at the state fair. Best buddies

Uncle Ben and Grandpa showing Sawyer the little horses

Grandpa and Sawyer at the state fair. Sawyer loves his grandpa!

Daddy and Sawyer hanging out. Waiting to roast marshmellows.

We had a bonfire over labor day weekend because it was a little cold. Sawyer wanted to touch the fire so we had to confine him to his bumbo

I was sitting on the floor folded Sawyer's laundry and I looked up to this! He is to funny.

Sawyer helped mommy with cleaning and laundry. He cried when i pulled him out of the basket. So he sat in the basket while I cleaned. Such a funny boy.

He loves bath time! He loves water.

Sawyer HATES to get dressed. We have to play games, sing, and go really fast so he won't be so upset. This is what happens when we make him laugh while getting dressed. WE can't get his clothes on either way.

Sawyer Fell asleep while I was trying to find him something to wear. It was so funny. I think he liked sleeping naked better!

Sawyer has been a little bit frustrated to say the least. He can't crawl and he can't walk. He wants to do both, but can't seem to figure out either. He rolls all over and turns his body and then rolls to get to where he wants to go.... sometimes that works great most the time it doesn't. He sees what he wants and he tries to get it, but he crawls backwords and gets farther and farther away. Everyone keeps telling me that I shouldn't wish he would crawl or walk, but i really want him to. I know these things will come with it's own challenges, but then my little sweetie won't be as frustrated.
Our life is a bit crazy! Braydon