November 28, 2014

we got to visit santa today at bass pro shop. it was very different then last year. Benson was so excited to meet santa. He waved his arms at him the whole time in line. There wasn't anyone behind us so he got up from his chair and came over and talked to the boys for a while and they got to sit on his lap and just chat. and you know sawyer told him his life story and benson tried to get his words out but when he is so excited he stammers. benson wants his own christmas tree this year and sawyer wants a show gun buckle. we loved our visit with santa and we loved that it was inside and FREE. 

we had such a wonderful thanksgiving. Filled with dear friends, lots of laughter from kids and amazing food. not all our friends came but it was still the best thanksgiving we have had here. we are so lucky to have such amazing people in our dental family. The night was ended with prayers of gratitude. our boys love to pray. They amaze us everyday. They give the most sincere sweet and honest prayers. They pray every night for a baby sister. Brakes my heart that it isn't happening for our family. i wish it was. Heavenly father has a plan for us, but this isn't about that. This about how blessed we are and how grateful we are for all the many things we have. These two are at the top of their dads and i's list!!
we had mason and parker over because emily had her baby. So they played with us for a while. mason is gets out of his shell when his mom isn't around and we love it. We have been trying to have scripture study every night. even though it's only from the little kid scriptures we still are doing it and the kids are really enjoying it. sawyer made this darling how to cook a turkey and how his thanksgiving dinner would look. the turnkey sounds like it would be amazing and he only would have sunshine, bampa, him and benson. We have started our giving tree. The boys are loving it. it's been so fun to have them come up with things to do and we have loved doing them. we also had our friends the cefelo's over on sunday and money. Their mom had surgery and they stayed with us for a long time. Everyone was troopers. it was hard on everyone since it was freezing. we tried once to go outside and it was more work then it was helpful. we stayed outside for 10 minutes. sawyer has found a new way to watch his movies!! haha

Braydon's brother tyler interviewed at louisville residency program and he stayed with us. He was only here for not even 2 days. The boys loved getting to know him though. They made him a darling welcome sign and even got him to play in the snow. I think it's been a year since braydon has been over a year since braydon has seen him so it was nice for them to spend some time together. The boys loved the snow and you know it can't be a good sign if louisville is getting snow in mid november. 

we loving walking to the grocery store. The boys especially like when i push their stroller (to carry our groceries) and they ride their scooters. We get lots of laughs and funny looks when they ride through the store on their scooters. we always have to stop for a quick swing after. Benson absolutely loves music class. He has been so fun to watch. one day during class kate was so sad so he was rubbing her leg and then they held hands on the parachute ride. Braydon took the boys swimming at the ymca since it has been so cold to even go outside. They loved it. Sawyer was so bummed that now he can swim without floaties. The slide wasn't working. 

Sawyer and i went to big hero six! it was so fun to be with him and listen to him laugh and get excited and get sad at the sad parts. He is so animated and i love it. we had the best time. i just love this picture of some of the ladies in our ward here. We have such a great group of women. we had parker over while mason slept so emily could sleep too. She is almost about to have a baby.