July 24, 2011

 Sawyer wasn't feeling well. We spent most the day like this in our pjs
 A bunch of families in our complex went to the bats game. So fun.

 Sawyer waving to the fireworks
 Sparkler time with lily
 Sparkler time with daddy

 Snack break at the pool with best buddy George and new friend Everett
 This is how Sawyer wanted to watch his tv show
 Sawyer painting at Morgan's house. They "got married" in her castle and had a dance party with a bunch of friends!

 Shaving cream time!

                                                Playing hoops with George. This is so funny!
Messy face from his pb and j and cookies

He is obsessed with putting on shoes, but mostly his daddy's shoes

Snack time!

Hanging out with his friend lily! They are good buddies. They were supposed to be sleeping

Evening swim with daddy. Best friends.

Oh wow!

This is his new favorite spot

Hanging out with lily

We have had a lot going on with the fourth and the twenty fourth... yes you better believe we still celebrated pioneer day... UTAH style. Although, i did miss the parade and bountiful fireworks so much. Braydon is working hard in school and hardly ever around. I am having such a great time being a stay at home mom, but i do miss work and the cool things I got to do and the fun people I got to work with... I miss working with my dad so much. Do not fret though I call and face time him and my family multiple times a day. We have the greatest friend out here and i'm so grateful for them and for our friendship and the memories we are making. It does make me miss all my friends back home though. Being away makes you appreciate so much what you left behind. I am counting down the seconds until my mom and sister get here. It's going to be so fun. Hopefully we can get a lot fun girl time in, in the short time they are here. It's been extremely hot here. the highest was 116. Oh my goodness it was miserable. It's a little better today, but not by much 103. I am so sweaty it's disgusting. Sawyer still wants to be outside ALLLLLLLLLLL the time. So tomorrow we will be at the pool. SURPRISE SURPRISE. A few new things that sawyer does... he says HI DAD all the time and just today started saying Hi mom and to my mom he said Hi gama. When we hand him somthing and say "say thank you" he says "welcome." it's so funny and so adorable. He is still hitting (only mommy and daddy) we are working on that so he doesn't start to hit other people.

July 12, 2011

Today I am missing these people so much! August, October, Novemeber, and December can't come soon enough!

July 01, 2011

More adventures in Kentucky

We spend most our time at the pool so we have to bring lunch and LOTS of snacks

Eating his "ookie"

Sawyer and his buddy George. We love all our new friends we've made.

kinda hard to get them to look at the camera

Blake, Sawyer and George

Brittany, me and Jessy. I Love these girls. They have been really good to me:)

Hanging out with daddy
Funny boy and love that face he makes. He just makes me so happy

Sawyer hugging his new buddy Boston

This face just kills me. He makes it when he hears fireworks or when he is excited.

This cat sits in the window  all the time and when sawyer and I go to the park we always have to stop and talk to the kitty. He is so funny

This is how he takes naps now. We are always on the go lately and he won't nap!
                                                                                   We have now officially started dental school!! Braydon had his first day today. He said it was pretty boring. He got his name tag, scrubs, and fitted for his white coat. I think he is pretty excited to start class and get going. We have been way out of our routine and we need to get back to our life. It's been so fun having him around and we will miss him a lot, but we need a little bit of normalcy around here. I do feel so grateful for the friends i've made here. They are so darling and so fun and I just adore their kids. I am also thankful that my sweet friends back home still keep me a part of their lives even though we are all busy and we live very far away from each other. My friends and family are so supportive of this hard change in our life. Today we went to Churchill Downs with all the new dental students. It was so hot, but so much fun. I just wish my family could have been there. Especially my dad, he would have LOVED it. Sawyer got to meet some of the horses and he kept saying "OH WOW" when he would see them. We met a lot of new couples tonight and a lot of kids. I think things are looking up.

I also wanted to keep track of the things Sawyer says and the funny things he does
* He says no
* He says yes
* He pounds it and gives lots of high fives. If he doesn't want to high five he will grab your hand and make it go into a fist so you'll pound it.
* He always dances no matter if it's a slow song or fast. He loves music
* He sings to the tv to his shows and sings to me while I sing to him
* He says dragon, car, gun, swim, slide, side(for outside) pop, ookie(cookie) cracker he says binky and silky ( his blanket) water.
* He says please and thank you
* He knows the sounds of a duck, pig, horse, dog, cat, cow
* He says bike and loves to ride his bike
* He knows what shoes are mine and which ones are Braydon's and he will bring them to us. He also will pull clothes out of the dryer and whoever it belongs to he will say mama or dada
* I asked him the other day pointing to braydon who that was and he said "baydon" so funny
* He has been giving loves and kisses a lot lately.
* When we facetime my family before anyone answers he always says "gaga" ( my dad) really loud and fast
* When we take a picture of him we tell him to say cheese and he looks up smiles and says CHEESE
*  When you ask Sawyer where his eyes are he blinks really really fast and when you ask to see his teeth he bits up and down
Although, we have had a hard transition he is still my sweet boy and smiles all the time and is crazier then ever. We just love our sweet boy so much. He keeps us super busy and on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way.