September 21, 2014

greatest family and people in the world!!

we had our family pictures taken this summer while we were all together. just missing two very special people! this is the greatest family on the planet and in the history of ever!

great gatsby!

Braydon had his sr. dance on the belle of lousville boat. the theme was great gatsby. it was so much fun to create a fake bob and dance the night away. and you better believe i danced hard! the boat never left due to rain which was a bummer, but it was still fun being with all our friends who we just love.
 Braydon did interviews for his perio residency almost the whole month of august. it was brutal. we had to come up with things to stay busy. especially at night. we did glow in the dark glasses one night. The boys thought that was so fun. summer is coming to an end. we have had an amazing summer. We have done so many fun things! we got to go to a carnival and one of the local churches here. it's called family palooza. last year we were new to it and this year we were much more prepared. with swimsuits and a stroller. The boys favorite was riding the little horses. they loved that. Sawyer started soccer again. He is doing so well and has improved so much. He also started school again and he started this upstart program my mom got him into. He does it at least 15 minutes a day five days a week. He is doing really well in the program. The program helps them read by the time they start kindergarten. Benson has been getting into a little bit of trouble lately putting make up on and coloring on himself and the walls. we spent our last time at calypso cove... probably our last time ever. it closed and who knows if we will be here when it opens next summer. so weird! we got to dress up like pirates for talk like a pirate day. and the boys got free donuts from krispy kreme! we also go to go to the balloon glow. The favorite balloon for the boys was the shark. Benson burned himself on the stove and he got some pretty nasty blisters. it was so sad. we had to keep it in water for over two hours to help it cool down and then we kept it wrapped so it didn't get infected. He also started music class. he goes once a week and he loves it. he goes with two of his little girlfriends. mckell and kate. He's one lucky little boy.