March 16, 2012

Swimming with friends!

We went swimming with Tyler, Lauren, and Shep (the boy she nanny's) the boys love to be together and it was so fun having our husbands there. The boys had a blast and so did the adults :)

So glad that daddy could swim with us.

Climbing up the ladder

Jumping to daddy

He went under and this is the face he made when he came up... hilarious

Swimming buddies

having the best time. he did not want to get out!

Oh loving on daddy! When we got home he sat on the couch and fell asleep in five minutes. He was so worn out for having so much fun. We had a great time with great friends.

March 15, 2012

The other night he made me give him 12 blankets. I guess it's better then all the toys he usually has to sleep with.

he thought while we were parked he should drive the car

This picture just screams my brother bubba! I can't stand it.

Helping me make tropical carrot cake with cooconut cream cheese frosting for a ward party

Making pancakes

We went and picked braydon up early from school and went and had lunch. He was in heaven. he is so sweet with his dad. They really are best friends.

You can't see it but he has his iron man mask on and he is saying "down set hike" and then he would run as fast as he could.

a typical morning. He needs more then one silky all the time and he is just watching caillou.

playing at the park. It's been so nice again. Sometimes it's a little hot for the pregnant person, burt we love to play outside. His face in the top left picture kills me

calling daddy

Our friends lauren and ty had a party to announce they were having a baby ( soooo happy for them) and sawyer and kenz were just playing with eachother and having a blast

I made home made strawberry and nutella popsicles. He kept saying "mmmm it's like chocolate"

"mom i text daddy"

My handsome boy all ready for church

this was 4 this morning. he had a 103 fever again. We took him to the doctor today and it was so traumatizing for both of us. they did a nose, throat swab and bloodwork. He is ok now and is on medication for the awesome allergies he has (not related to the fever)

My sleepy sick boy- those red cheeks happen a lot but when he is sick it's really bad

He was so sick and told me he was tired and i put him to bed. this is how i found him. No pants and when he woke up he said "spidermans make me better" he loves these jammies.  Mom you are a life saver:)

Being sick he knows he can have whatever he wants... ok lets be real he can even when he isn't sick. He wanted his chair out off the porch and to watch megamind

He loves to read books, but lately won't let me read them to him he wants to "read" them to me. he just wanted to read before he got ready for bed. Thanks mom for the awesome elmo book!
Getting ready to go outside after we just put together his new bike

playing outside in his new pads

when daddy came home we had to go out again!

daddy helping him

off roading

it was so hot today we had to take a break on the steps and cool off

Mom with her huge belly helping sawyer

it started to rain

He loves his bike... and keeps saying thank you sunshine. my sunshine got it for me! thanks mom you made him one happy boy

The rain can't keep us down!

somethings he says and does

* he will talk to my belly and say "hi brother, im sawyer"
* he will put his hand on my belly and say i'll wake him up so he comes out
* if we are going somewhere he will say "come on mom come on brother"
* at church he says "I need a drink from the drinking mountain"
* now that he is sleeping in his big boy bed in the morning he will wake up at say " i slept in my bed" "i love it" you proud of me"
* He sings all the time. He loves all sorts of songs, but his favorite at the moments is row row row your boat
* he can work our iphones sometimes better then us and he has the ipod touch braydon won and he always says "mom i need my HEE POD.
* he always asks me to put on his "slip slops" I try to correct him and say flip flops, but he doesn't accept it.
* Two nights ago sawyer had a fever and I layed him in bed and sat in the rocking chair until he fell asleep. he started singing twinkle twinkle little start to himself in this quiet sweet voice. Half way through he said "mom you still in your chair" i said yes and he began singing again over and over until he fell asleep. It was really sweet!
* He prayers for all his friends and our family who live away
* he talks to my brother ben's pictures and says "hi benny"
* he tells me he wants to go to bed all the time when he wants to get out of something
* he will also say " I want to go home if he is said or tired"
* he asks for his dad a million times a day still
* his dad is his best friend and acts like a crazy person when he comes home
* when braydon has to go study we walk him outside and wave really big and yell bye daddy love you
* after braydon is gone for a little while he will tell me "mama i go study" and he gets his backpack and tries to go study
* he will find my make up and say "it's for girls: and then he will brush his face with my brushes

March 08, 2012

Serious phone picture overload

Long run park. We went and fed the ducks with lauren and shep. It was a beautiful day, but really windy. The boys had a great time.

This kid would stay in the bath for hours if I would let him. He hates when I make him get out.

Sawyer came into the livingroom and said "i'm cleaning" I said what are you cleaning. He had something behind his back and I got up to look it was baby powder. Where the heck did he get baby powder? Anyway, I went into his room. His room was covered in baby powder and so was he. These pictures don't even do it justice. It was all over his bed, the chair, the floor, his toys, and all over him.

He apparently grabbed a big chocolate egg that i didn't know he grabbed and opened it and started eating it. he was such a mess!

Pop rocks and chick-fil-a... not a bad day

He is obsessed with wearing his shoes all the time. He usually puts them on the wrong feet.

eating dinner with daddy

We are so grateful for facetime. We facetime my family at least once a day, but usually more. He loves to see and talk to them.

Braydon took sawyer to longrun park to feed the ducks so i could sleep. it was nice to have a nap and sawyer had the best time with his daddy! thanks braydon.

Just relaxing with friends on the love sac

he wants to wear this hat all the time and it's to small! Don't mind his red cheeks i forgot sunscreen (mother of the year i know) does anyone else think he looks like my brother bubba? bubba would always have his hair haning out his hat. it's a big weird and crazy to see him in my son

Sawyer loves his helmet, but after the big tornado scare he wouldn't take it off... he wanted to be safe. Side note: please pray for the families effected by this horrible disaster. We are so grateful that we were not hit, but it was close and a lot of people lost loved ones, homes, and belongings. they need all the help they can get.

Sawyer loves to lay on my legs and look at me! He thinks it is so funny

making juice is sawyer's new favorite things. He loves putting the fruit in and pushing the lever down.

Surprise surprise sawyer eating waffles for breakfast and he loves to brush his teeth!

naked cowboys are the cutest!

I ironed our church clothes earlier and left the stuff on our table... he thought it would be a great spot to relax

picking up his package from his sunshine!

He was so cute and kept saying "it's for me?" "yay"

Playing at the park!

Another fun day at the park. This was the day his cheeks got burned. we were outside for four hours. Our friend natalie brought out popcicles for the kids to eat. Sawyer loved it. He was so tired after!

I found him on the couch on his fake phone talking to someone. I said saywer who is it. "it's daddy mama" then he yelled "i talk to my daddy"

This kids loves action heros thanks to our friend george! we have so many toys, masks, and gadgets. He got this ironman suit and mask and now he says " I get the bad guys mama" "i am ironman stark"

Tubby time! cutest bum ever! He was laughing to hard pretending to drink the water.

His hat again... also he loves to push the stroller lately... i am hoping that is a sign he will like his baby brother.


I get to hang out with this awesome boy everyday!!!! lets be real though sometimes he can be difficult and naughty, but he lights up our life so much

Just relaxing at home after a day at the park... watching a show

he is so tired i woke him up so he could see the snow. then we played in it and that is all he talks about in the morning is sledding

oh weird they are sleeping together! This always happens

sleeping with buzz! his favorite, but this is "baby buzz" not buzz lightyear

love this sweet boy! These are the jammies my mom sent him in his package. They are buzz jammies!

Real friends push you on the swing. thanks lily!

ever since the tornado he carries around his thomas flash light incase the power goes out. thanks auntie loodle for giving it to him!

My happy happy boy with his buzz lightyear drink

On our night walk with lauren

My mom sent him this darling suit... he looks so handsome in it. he was having a moment. Sundays are kinda hard for us. 1:00 churchh is not easy he is so tired by the time we have to leave to go to church. he had to sit with his dad and hold his hand. Daddy was preparing his lesson so he didn't mind at all!