November 10, 2013

friend halloween party

 we put together a little halloween party. Everyone had to bring something for the kids to do. It was so much fun for all the kids because everyone only had to do a little bit, but there was so much for the kids to do. it turned out really fun.

 donut string eating contest! Benson was like forget this i'm grabbing this thing

 jack's turn on the piƱata
 Grace's turn

 Samantha's turn

 Paisey's turn

 Kate's turn
 Norah's turn
 Benson's turn... he also tried to eat the bat

 The older kids had to be blind folded... sawyers turn

 Grace's turn
 Parkers turn
 Daniels turn
 Mark's turn

 Lily's turn

 And it breaks!!! it was a mad dash to get all that candy

 All the kids... trying to get a picture of all of them was hilarious!!

 This box has been the greatest toy these two have ever had! They have had so much fun on it!

 I always wait to the VERY last minute to do all our laundry and every time i'm folding loads and loads i always promise myself i won't let this happen and i just lie to myself every time!!

 Just caught benson doing a little baby yoga

 My superheroes!!! They make anything and everything adorable, but this is to much!! Best friends and brothers

 Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero!!

 yes most of are year consists of costumes... not just halloween... we take this super hero family thing seriously.

 Benson at mcdonalds!! he was cracking me up! s

 Sawyer's school picture. he was laughing so hard in this picture he almost looks possessed. we didn't buy it this year, but he still looks cute.

 Cutest little super hero!

 Always in character! He kills me with all his posing.

 Sawyer was caught being good at school! he loves his school and made me take a picture by his picture where he hangs his stuff!

 This is killing me!! these glasses are hilarious.

 I can't handle this face! it makes me laugh every time i look at it.

 This is my grandfather. I found these pictures of him and moses malone... who he signed to the utah stars right out of high school. My grandpa was so awesome!!
 playing with mckell
 Mckell, Sawyer, Benson, and morgan

Sawyer and his preschool class... their firetruck field trip.