July 22, 2016

Things Benson says and does Age 3 and 4

you can marry me when we go to the temple

When I tell you secrets I put it in my heart and then I message it to yours

Today benson said our family pray to break our fast. He prayed for us to have a baby that is "healfy" and strong. And to see a shark at the zoo... Priorities.

Braydon and I were joking about who is always right and benson said I think you are both left.

If you don't do what I say I'm going to "support" you to the police and then teleport you there
Me: how are you going to teleport me there?
I just use my mind and wave my arm and you will "isappear" 

My tears are crawling all down my face and I can't catch them.

Benson and Sawyer were cleaning with squirt bottles and I said no more and not in the house and benson said "we have to make sure we clean the cafeteria" me: do you know what a cafeteria is? Benson "Yes it's germs that are everywhere if you don't clean..." Me: you mean bacteria? Benson: "uh yes"

We can't wait to unwrap our new baby in September

We had a huge storm and the power went out and our house was pretty dark. Benson called his dad and said "daddy the Lightning is locking our lights they won't turn on. I'm making mommy hold me until it's not scary anymore"

We were talking tonight and benson said if I was in heaven I know Jesus would run to me and hug me and I would hug him too. I would also kiss my Heavenly Father! That would be so nice.

Playing cards with benson and he said next time it's my turn to "shovel" the cards

Mom I'm so expensive

He calls the frisbee a fuzzbee

Mom do you know how much I love you? 40 hundred 60 hundred 125 hundred and all the number hundreds

When benson tries to count his 60's he always says sixteen one, sixteen two, sixteen three

Mom I really want to make Heavenly Father happy. So tomorrow I'm really going to try not to say potty words. Even though I think they are funny they don't make Heavenly Father feel happy.

Benson you are getting so good at snapping. "Ya when I snap it means I'm awesome" so o snapped... "I think it means something else for you mom.

Benson finally learned how to snap. So no he snaps and then points out you after. It's hilarious

I asked the boys if they loved their games more then me and they both said yes and I said what if I asked you to get rid of them and pick me... Benson said I would do that if you really asked me to. He's so sweet.

Benson really loves to go commando! I find t hilarious but also he really needs to start wearing undies. He told me one morning. " I am not going commando today even though I love being free. I know you want me to wear undies... Are you so proud?"

Things sawyer says and does Age 6

Sawyers friends came to the door asking to play. Without us telling him he shouts through the front door window... We cannot play because we are trying to keep the sabbath day holy.

I told Braydon I wanted some money for something I didn't need and he said I don't have money and cute sawyer said mom I will give you all my money from my jar so you can get yourself something. About broke my heart. Love that boy

Sawyer was concerned when I forgot to close the garage. He we worried robbers might come and steal our stuff. I said it's ok it's during the day and they mostly rob at night because people can't see them. He said well I have stealth eyes so I will be able to see them and protect us

I sometimes save food in my stomach I send some food to my saving food lane and then I will send the rest to the non saving food lane

Sawyer has his heart set on having a baby sister. We have been talking about how it would still be so awesome to have a brother here is his response... "I have been in communications with Heavenly Father and I have only ever spoken to him about a girl so I know it has to be a girl"

We were playing in the waves at the beach and Sawyer turned around stuck his butt out and said this is called butt defense beach style! He is also convinced he can stop the waves by punching them

I'm so hyper that means I'm alive and can't settle down or go to sleep.

I want to becoming the smarted kid in the world and learn how to teleport us places so we don't have to ride in the car for hours 

Benson laughs so hard when I tickles his "nibbles" oh buddy that isn't what they are called

Sawyer has always been a deep thinker. He has been concerned lately that he hasn't heard the Holy Ghost talk to him yet. I told him when he is confirmed at 8 he will get the power of the Holy Ghost. We talked about how the Holy Ghost helps you have good feelings and helps you know when something isn't right by making you feel uneasy.  Then we talked about going through the veil when you are born. And he said I don't think I went through that because I still remember heaven. There weren't really bodies just a lot of bright people.

My brothers birthday is the 13 of June and I told the boys and my sweet Sawyer told benson let's say a prayer and sing him happy birthday. Such a sweetheart

Sawyers been having terrible nightmares lately and he always comes and gets in our bed. I asked him today how we can help and if it makes him feel better to be in our bed. His response was my dad has the priesthood and sleeping by him makes me feel safe because I know the priesthood protects people. What a sweet boy.

Sawyer finally learned how to blow bubbles with his gum. He loves showing everyone

Sawyer has been getting lots of canker sores lately but he calls them anchors

I asked the boys if they loved their game more than me and they both said no we love you the most. Then I asked them if they would get ride of it... Sawyer said no way but I still love you

Summer 2016

I just love snuggling my sleeping sweeties! it makes this mamas heart very happy. we decided with all the scary stuff going on in the world with people getting killed ( people of color and police officers) and then violence all over the world that we would cheer brother fanning up and take him more candy for his candy jar and make him thank you notes for all his hard work as a special investigator. The boys got to do their finger prints, and look at bullets under a microscope and see a car that was in a drive by shooting and go to the interrogation room and get their feet and hands handcuffed. it was so fun for them. then we went and had their teeth cleaned. they were hilarious they sat right down in the chair and laid back and opened their mouths. the dentist was like are you serious? this never happens i usually have to fight kids to let me work on their teeth. i guess having a dentist daddy has paid off. after their teeth were cleaned we went down to see daddy and him and the boys clean my teeth. the boys got all suited up in all the protective gear. The each got to use suction and the sprayer and hold the little mirror. They loved helping their dad. They were so hilarious. Sawyer saw that my gums were bleeding a little bit and he shouted so loud Dr Haskell #1 we have a bleeder. Sawyer was Dr Haskell #2 and benson was Dr haskell #3 and benson kept saying i'm such a boss. it was such a fun day at the dentist.  This week we met up with some of our little friend liam and conner and went to air strike. These boys acted like they were on american ninja warrior the whole time. and then we met our dad for lunch and we found the dippin dots store. best day ever! we were in heaven. then benson of course who is obsessed with the bath got in and played and i snapped a picture of his tan little body and his white white bum. 

Fourth of July

The fourth of july is one of my most favorite holidays. but there year i was kind of dreading it because georgia is seriously so hot. so so hot. we took the boys swimming at the ymca in south carolina and they loved the lazy river and the new slides. the boys insisted on wearing the only american swim suits we have and i found old pictures from as far back as six years ago. they were seriously so tight on them. it was hilarious. we had a fun night lighting our own fireworks off on our quiet street. we are grateful for all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. it was fun teaching the kids about their sacrifice. the boys kept singing the star spangled banner and benson kept shouting its my americas birthday... my country.
summer has been really hot and busy. We started the boys on some work books to keep their minds working, we go to the pool a lot. we seriously love swimming and using our under water camera. braydon has had to go to a lot of late night residency events so the boys have been going to sleep in our bed together. Cousin leo is finally started to be able to interact with us over face time (ignore my ridiculous smiles) it's so fun see him grow up and change. I took a first of summer bum picture to show how their tan lines progress. every morning before 7 i find all the food benson has eaten. like a ton of food/snacks. I've had to start hiding things. the boys have been learning the hard way that fighting all day will get them a lot more chores and they will lose privileges, like swimming time, friend time, iPad time, toy time ect. we got to have our cousins elle rae and ruby come visit us. it was so fun. we went swimming road the razor and watched peter pan on the projector outside. and then celebrated fathers day with tyler and braydon. We are so lucky to have the best dads in our lives! Benson has been dressing up as braydon lately. it's hilarious to see him in his clothes. The boys and i played in the rain... well they more ran in the rain and i waddled. but we love playing in the warm summer rain. so braydon he seriously can do anything. He made the boys blankets and he made me two nursing covers. seriously! he is so awesome. my cute boys painted my toes because they said it looked like i was struggling. they each took a foot. and it was the worst/best job ever. i totally left the nail polish all over my feet and toes. they are the sweetest cutest boys ever!! i'm so happy they love me (most of the time)