October 31, 2008

So my parents were supposed to leave for china last friday, but the plans were delayed when this sweet little angel fell during her play practice and hit her head. She was at home with a hurt head and telling her mom she didn't feel well. Her eyes then rolled back into her head and Melinda rushed her to the hospital. She wasn't stable. They tubed her and then ran a cat scan. It showed a skull fracture. Her sweet grandfather gave her a blessing and she was life flighted to primary childrens. When she got there and they took another cat scan it showed NO skull fracture. What an incredible miracle. If that doens't help you with your faith and belief that God cares and watches over us I don't know what will help you. I saw her when she wasn't awake and she was still tubed. It made me so devestated that this little innocent, sweet child was going through something so scary. It brought me back to a very tramatic event of when my baby sarah was at primary childrens fighting for her life. So it was very difficult for me to be there. Laila is like my family. She is just a part of my life. When she was about 2 1/2 she asked me if we could be sisters and of course i said yes and we've been sisters every since. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Savior and for his watchful eyes and that his hands are in all things. Sometimes there are sad and bad outcomes, but sometimes there are powerful great outcomes. We are so lucky to know what we know.

October 09, 2008

So it is october and that means breast cancer awarness month. My family found out that my grandma is currently fighting her 3rd battle with breast cancer and cancer that is pretty much all over in her body. She is really an amazing women. She is an example to me because she doesn't complain and she still is happy and puts everyone in a great mood. I won't be able to do the breast cancer walk with her this saturday, but i will be there in spirit. She is a true hero of bravery and grace. I hope one day i can amount to such a high standard of excellence. I love you grandma!!