January 28, 2014

Why do my kids still love me?

So the last two weeks I'm pretty sure if an outsider looked into our lives would label me as the worlds worst mother! We have been stuck inside because its been so cold! I wish I could use that as an excuse for my behavior, but that would just be a lie. I've yelled, I've cried, I've locked myself in the bathroom and laundry room! I've just been a horrible at the most important job I've ever been given. There is only so much crafty you can do in a day. And even then it only lasts at the most 30 minutes. I pick up just to have the blocks and toy bins dumped out for the 100th time. Laundry is never ending, the dishes pile up and the ugly beast of a mother rears her head! I don't like this mother! It's not me and its not the mother I want to be and for some reason this past two weeks that is all I've been! Every night I go to bed with its a new day tomorrow mentality and.... Yes it's a new day with the same mean grumpy mom! And every new day my kids have forgotten how horrible I was. They forgot I put them in time out A LOT. They forgot that I yelled! They forgot I locked myself in the bathroom to cry. They forgot that ugly mother monster and forgave me and loved me anyway! They love me all the time. They are forgiving and unconditional loves! They need me and they love me! Why and how can they do that after the crazy mom they've had for two weeks? Why and how did I get so lucky to have boys who don't care what I look like, what I wear, if I'm not my best 100 % of the time! They love me because I'm just simply MOM. 

January 19, 2014

Benson got into a cup cake from sawyer's party!! and he LOVED it! it got all over him! He thought it was so funny. We had a glow bath tub for the boys. just to change it up. They loved it! I also caught a really sweet moment of benson and daddy laying on the floor. 

Sawyer's birthday par

we had sawyer's party on saturday! we invited a lot of kids and it was a drop them off and leave them kind of party. we had so many fun things planned. We did defuse the bomb... they had to sit on the balloons and pop them, we decorated masks, we played balloon ping pong, we played freeze tag and tag with string in the back of their pants and they had to pull it off kinda of like steal the flag, and then we played get the bad guy where we had silly string and the bad guys were balloons tapped to the floor. Then we had pizza and cup cakes and opened presents. It was so much fun and totally crazy! He has some pretty great friends!!