April 21, 2017

School '16-'17

The boys started school and it felt wrong having them both gone all day but it was nice to get some rest for a few weeks before baby brother came. It's always a hard transition from summer to school. And benson always had to snuggle me and baby brother in my belly and get his back tickled. The boys loved being able to ride the bus this year. I didn't love it because i liked them being stuck in my car and they had to talk to me. Benson was really nervous and on our way he got pretty emotional and said i'm not crying i'm going to be brave and then he was and he gave me a hug after i dropped him off and i walked away crying and sawyer held my hand as i walked him to his class. I was so proud of bensy. He is a lot more shy and he really was so brave. he has come out of his shell so much by being at school.

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