April 21, 2017

So after walker was born benson has been complaining about his neck hurting and he has this big gumball size lump that pops in and out between the notch in his collar bone. So we took him to an ENT and they said he needed a scan. He was so brave when they put the IV in they said they usually have to hold kids down and sedate them. He held so still during his scan. I was so proud of him. they found a small tumor and we decided that he needed surgery to remove it because it was causing him pain and a cough and we wanted to know what it was so we needed it out to send it to the pathologist.  it has felt like a lot with walkie being in the hospital to bensy's tongue now this lump? Walkie has been finally latching more but the problem is he isn't getting enough nutrients from my milk. That has been hard for me to have this reality check. So we went full formula. People were either supportive and kind or really mean. I had a hard time not being able to do that for him but hello he is eating and thriving so i'm better with it now.  It's starting to get cooler so we got to pull out the bear suit for walkie to wear at the boys soccer game. And hello he looked adorable.  These boys spend their morning before school laying on the floor with walkie giving him lots of love and kises before their bus comes. 

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