April 21, 2017

Benson was finally able to get in and have his surgery. He did awesome but was the biggest grump coming out of anesthesia. He wanted nothing to do with his dad he only wanted mom (which he never wants me) and he just wanted to go get a hot dog? silly boy. So glad he did so well. We have been loving the cooler weather of fall. We went trick or treating and how adorable is walkie as a doctor? The boys were doctor, pirate and ninja. We went with our friends. It was a lot of fun. We had an outdoor movie night at our house and when we turned on the lights outside benson was sound asleep on the blankets. I was brave and took all three kids to vote by myself which was insane but they were so good. and then i told them we could go get a cookie at kroger. Benson was walking backwards and turned around and his the concrete poll. He was bleeding everywhere. This poor kid can't catch a break. We decided to take our own self timer pictures and they actually turned out awesome. I just wish you could see walker better. Braydon and I were able to go to the garth brooks concert. It was AMAZING. Thank you mama for getting our hotel. and thank you to braydons parents for watching the boys. 

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