April 21, 2017

We been venturing out more and more. We went to the dairy farm, i finally took some pictures with my nice camera of the boys. How adorable and perfect are they? Sawyer has been having a hard time with his teacher this year. They just don't click. He loved Mrs gavalas last year and they got along so well. So she told him she would go to Dunkin donuts with him if he got 5 smiley faces in a row and he did and she went and he loved that. He also loves her daughter Sophia and Mrs Gavalas says sawyer is so good and sweet with her. it meant so much to me as a mom seeing his old teacher love him and be so good to him and it made him feel so good. We got this new game called watch your mouth and you put this dental things in your mouth and you have to say whats on the card. Braydon is soo good at is since he talks to people with dental stuff in their mouth all day. it's hilarious. 

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