July 22, 2016

Things Benson says and does Age 3 and 4

you can marry me when we go to the temple

When I tell you secrets I put it in my heart and then I message it to yours

Today benson said our family pray to break our fast. He prayed for us to have a baby that is "healfy" and strong. And to see a shark at the zoo... Priorities.

Braydon and I were joking about who is always right and benson said I think you are both left.

If you don't do what I say I'm going to "support" you to the police and then teleport you there
Me: how are you going to teleport me there?
I just use my mind and wave my arm and you will "isappear" 

My tears are crawling all down my face and I can't catch them.

Benson and Sawyer were cleaning with squirt bottles and I said no more and not in the house and benson said "we have to make sure we clean the cafeteria" me: do you know what a cafeteria is? Benson "Yes it's germs that are everywhere if you don't clean..." Me: you mean bacteria? Benson: "uh yes"

We can't wait to unwrap our new baby in September

We had a huge storm and the power went out and our house was pretty dark. Benson called his dad and said "daddy the Lightning is locking our lights they won't turn on. I'm making mommy hold me until it's not scary anymore"

We were talking tonight and benson said if I was in heaven I know Jesus would run to me and hug me and I would hug him too. I would also kiss my Heavenly Father! That would be so nice.

Playing cards with benson and he said next time it's my turn to "shovel" the cards

Mom I'm so expensive

He calls the frisbee a fuzzbee

Mom do you know how much I love you? 40 hundred 60 hundred 125 hundred and all the number hundreds

When benson tries to count his 60's he always says sixteen one, sixteen two, sixteen three

Mom I really want to make Heavenly Father happy. So tomorrow I'm really going to try not to say potty words. Even though I think they are funny they don't make Heavenly Father feel happy.

Benson you are getting so good at snapping. "Ya when I snap it means I'm awesome" so o snapped... "I think it means something else for you mom.

Benson finally learned how to snap. So no he snaps and then points out you after. It's hilarious

I asked the boys if they loved their games more then me and they both said yes and I said what if I asked you to get rid of them and pick me... Benson said I would do that if you really asked me to. He's so sweet.

Benson really loves to go commando! I find t hilarious but also he really needs to start wearing undies. He told me one morning. " I am not going commando today even though I love being free. I know you want me to wear undies... Are you so proud?"

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