July 20, 2016

Jan-march 2016

 This boys is obsessed with his pluto his sunshine bought him at disney. he wants to take him everywhere and i always catch him talking to him and hugging him it's pretty adorable how much he loves him. Sawyer had to do the egg drop test at school and they had to test it at home and make sure it worked and then the principle dropped them off the roof. only 5 kids in sawyer's class had eggs that didn't break and his was one of them. him and his dad worked so hard for a week on this project. Sawyer and benson seriously miss each other when they are apart and when they see each other you can count on lots of hugging and happiness. so grateful for their relationship. Sawyer pulled out his first tooth.. his first one that came out was due to a fall at 2 years old. so we don't count that one. he was terrified and then decided to get really brave and pull it out himself. and then he was like it didn't even hurt. thank heavens our dentist daddy was there to talk him through it. He was a little emotional about it bleeding and then he just did it himself. it was awesome to see how happy he was about being so brave. I have been feeling terrible so braydon took the boys out of a father son day and he took them to the traveling dinosaur show. And they loved it they learned a lot and got to ride lots of fake dinos. they had a great day. I love my time with these boys... in car pool line, at home, outside wherever its just fun to be with them. The boys hair has gotten pretty long so we tried a little tiny pony tail... it was hilarious. Sawyer had to go to his 6 year check up. no shots and he is healthy but the doctor told him he would have to get shots when he is 11. he was devastated and cried so hard about that. it's going to be long years of anxiety for this boy waiting for his 11 year old shots. Benson was there to make him feel better. We got to see our baby. Benson thought the hear beat was thor and his thunder. it was pretty cute. he hasn't been feeling well which breaks my heart but i do get extra snuggles out of it. how handsome are my little valentines?? we love having the johnson's over to play and it made it even better that it was hot enough to play in the sprinklers. Sawyer got to dress up like a dr seuss character and he chose ted wiggins from the borax... and he looked awesome. he even kept his helmet on for lunch and gym. he is so awesome. when i comb sawyer's hair when it is dry he looks like blanche off of golden girls. it seriously makes us laugh so hard. we got a big giant bean bag and the boys have the time of their lives jumping into it.

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