July 22, 2016

Summer 2016

I just love snuggling my sleeping sweeties! it makes this mamas heart very happy. we decided with all the scary stuff going on in the world with people getting killed ( people of color and police officers) and then violence all over the world that we would cheer brother fanning up and take him more candy for his candy jar and make him thank you notes for all his hard work as a special investigator. The boys got to do their finger prints, and look at bullets under a microscope and see a car that was in a drive by shooting and go to the interrogation room and get their feet and hands handcuffed. it was so fun for them. then we went and had their teeth cleaned. they were hilarious they sat right down in the chair and laid back and opened their mouths. the dentist was like are you serious? this never happens i usually have to fight kids to let me work on their teeth. i guess having a dentist daddy has paid off. after their teeth were cleaned we went down to see daddy and him and the boys clean my teeth. the boys got all suited up in all the protective gear. The each got to use suction and the sprayer and hold the little mirror. They loved helping their dad. They were so hilarious. Sawyer saw that my gums were bleeding a little bit and he shouted so loud Dr Haskell #1 we have a bleeder. Sawyer was Dr Haskell #2 and benson was Dr haskell #3 and benson kept saying i'm such a boss. it was such a fun day at the dentist.  This week we met up with some of our little friend liam and conner and went to air strike. These boys acted like they were on american ninja warrior the whole time. and then we met our dad for lunch and we found the dippin dots store. best day ever! we were in heaven. then benson of course who is obsessed with the bath got in and played and i snapped a picture of his tan little body and his white white bum. 

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