July 21, 2016

spring break 2016

Spring Break Day 1- was spent playing at the openshaws with the wells family. they had a great time in the tiny pool all the kids. and i think they even ended up breaking the slip and slide. 

Day 2 was spent driving to savannah/tybee island. my awesome mom was able to help us with a few nights hotel stay (seriously thank you mom) we went straight to the beach and played played played. it was a little chillier then we would have liked but we still had an awesome time. after the beach we ended up going to the pirate house for dinner... it is a really neat restaurant. it's in the oldest building in savannah and the staff dresses like pirates and gives the kids pirate hats to color and wear. they have really old passages you can look at to see where the sailors would go.  and then we got back to our hotel and the boys crashed pretty hard. 

Day 3 was spent celebrating our dad for his birthday coming up. i have wanted to get him pilot lessons they are so expensive and seriously its been a big big dream of his. so i found someone who would let him fly the helicopter. i was so excited to surprise him. seriously so excited. well we got there and the guy was like you can either fly the helicopter or you can let your kids come too and not fly of course he picked to let them come. He is such an awesome dad. Sawyer was a little afraid because he thought that he might have to jump out of the helicopter but we assured him that he would be buckled in the whole time. The boys took off and loved talking in their head sets. they thought the ocean was so cool and the city from up so high. they really liked the landing and taking off part and they said they wanted to go again as soon as they landed. I wish he could have flown but i'm so glad that he had that experience to share with our boys. they will never forget it. after the helicopter ride we went and rented scooters and road around the island. It was seriously so fun. The boys loved that we were going faster then the people walking and riding bikes but they wish we could have gone faster then the cars... they wouldn't go any faster we were going full speed. It was really fun to just ride around looking at the cool places of tybee island. we stopped at the light house, looked out the beach houses, yelled at the people walking by... that was the boys favorite i think. And then it was time to head back to the beach. it was such a fun and busy day. i am so grateful that we got to have these fun few days at the beach. just playing and being off technology and growing closer as a family. i love making memories with these people. 

The rest of spring break was spent going on hikes, and benson breaking his nose. he tripped over the weed wacker and feel right into the concrete step and our front door. and blood was everywhere and it wouldn't stop. it was scary and he was so brave. we took him to the er and then he decided it would be really fun to wander off and go outside and cross the street into the adult part of the Er the whole er was on alert and on lock down. it was pretty scary. and then i finally found him and a nurse was like uh who are you we need to see id. oh it was traumatizing. 

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