July 22, 2016

summer has been really hot and busy. We started the boys on some work books to keep their minds working, we go to the pool a lot. we seriously love swimming and using our under water camera. braydon has had to go to a lot of late night residency events so the boys have been going to sleep in our bed together. Cousin leo is finally started to be able to interact with us over face time (ignore my ridiculous smiles) it's so fun see him grow up and change. I took a first of summer bum picture to show how their tan lines progress. every morning before 7 i find all the food benson has eaten. like a ton of food/snacks. I've had to start hiding things. the boys have been learning the hard way that fighting all day will get them a lot more chores and they will lose privileges, like swimming time, friend time, iPad time, toy time ect. we got to have our cousins elle rae and ruby come visit us. it was so fun. we went swimming road the razor and watched peter pan on the projector outside. and then celebrated fathers day with tyler and braydon. We are so lucky to have the best dads in our lives! Benson has been dressing up as braydon lately. it's hilarious to see him in his clothes. The boys and i played in the rain... well they more ran in the rain and i waddled. but we love playing in the warm summer rain. so braydon he seriously can do anything. He made the boys blankets and he made me two nursing covers. seriously! he is so awesome. my cute boys painted my toes because they said it looked like i was struggling. they each took a foot. and it was the worst/best job ever. i totally left the nail polish all over my feet and toes. they are the sweetest cutest boys ever!! i'm so happy they love me (most of the time)

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