July 20, 2016

Sawyer turns 6!!!

Our sweet sawyer turned 6! where did time go? I can't believe he could even be six. This kid... so much could be said about him. He always keeps us on our toes. He is to smart of this own good. he is so funny, loves people seriously this kid loves everyone. he is just full of life and love. He is always making us laugh and making us want to pull our hair out at the same time. he is best friends with his brother. he loves school and loves learning. his favorite color is obviously green. he wants to change and save the world when he gets bigger... he has really large dreams and i know he will follow and succeed at his dream. He tells us everyday he loves us and gives the best hugs. his smile melts us and his laugh recharges us. he has a heart of gold and most people don't know how sensitive he actually is. We are so thankful that God put this magical boy in our lives. We love you so much sawyer and think you are such an amazing and special boy. Keep shining. 

I am grateful for the special bond sawyer and his sunshine have. They share a birthday and a real and true love for each other. we only wish we could have spent celebrating the birthday people together but face time... oh face time thank heavens for it. we sang to sawyer and sunshine. over his number 6 cake. after a day of visiting him and having chick fil a. 

And we found out on sawyer's birthday that our miracle baby was coming. i honestly don't take pregnancy tests until i'm a least 12 days over. and this time i just felt something different i get really bad nightmares when i'm first pregnant so i decided since i was having them that i would just take one. and it was positive. i was in the bath and got out and just sobbed and fell to my knees in prayer of gratitude. could this be real? i was so nervous because of previous losses, but oh so grateful at the same time. i went out and told braydon and we just cried. i wanted to shout it to everyone especially the boys but we waited since the loss last summer was so hard on them. we are over the moon excited about this new baby.

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