July 21, 2016

Last day of school and sawyer kindergarten graduation!

Well, school is officially out for the summer. these boys were excited and a little sad. Sawyer kept asking how come mrs gavales didn't get to move up with him in first grade. She was so good for him and the perfect teacher. tough and sweet. He learned so much from her. We are sad she isn't moving up with him and we pray he gets an awesome first grade teacher and that benson gets an awesome pre k teacher. Sawyers graduation was pretty emotional for me (surprise surprise) they played a slide show video and i cried through the whole thing. He just grew up so much this last year. and he is really matured and is so smart. benson is excited to go to pre k and i know it will be good for him. He is very attached to me and i'm very attached to him so i know it will be hard having both my sweeties gone. 

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