July 20, 2016

Sawyers fun run.

Sawyer had a fun run at his school so benson and i made him these awesome bright green posters his favorite color to go cheer him on. He was trying to run 40 laps to earn money. he had family members pledge per lap. we got there and these people looked at benson and i like we were crazy people with our big signs but i don't care we wanted to make him feel important and that we were proud of him Benson and i cheered so hard for him... seriously benson was a trooper stating there for that long. Sawyer ran so hard he was tired but he kept going.He would sometimes come give benson a high five or hug as he ran by. it was hot and he was a champ and he is pretty dang fast.  he was one lap 39 1/2 when they called time so they rounded it up. he was so proud. and they got to do a final victory lap and he took benson by the hand and they walked the victory lap to some awesome queen music. 

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