July 21, 2016

Utah trip may 2016

We didn't think we would be going to utah before this baby comes, but turns out uncle mat decided to get married and it was perfect timing to go home because benny and jackee had leo blessed while we were there. unfortunately braydon had to come a week later we so wish he could have come the whole time. The boys were seriously champs on the flight even though it's always challenging doing it alone especially pregnant. The boys fell asleep on our last flight which was good because we had to get them up before five am. we couldn't wait to get to sunshine house. it's always emotional flying over the mountains and then seeing your family and driving up your street and finally getting to your house. That sunday they blessed leo then everyone but me and my dad headed down to st george. it was strange and being without the boys for the night and i did't love it and i didn't sleep. but it was really fun driving down to st george with my dad. i always love talking to him and his radio didn't work so he had to talk to me! and it was his birthday so we got to celebrate him when we got there. i'm pretty sure he forgot it was his birthday. st geroge was a lot of fun, swimming, pickle ball, water balloon wars, late nights and good times with our family. benson became quite the little swimmer with the help of benny and loodie. these kids really love their aunts uncles and cousins. they were so cute with "LILS" as bensy calls lily. so sweet with her and they were really so good together. they always wanted to hold leo and leo.... well he didn't always want to be held. He is so cute and i'm so glad we were finally able to meet him. I love the picture with all the cousins and cousin parker in loodies belly. Then we headed home from st George and we were able to have our dad finally come. just in time for the wedding. poor mat and ashley had the stomach flu. My boys looked seriously so handsome i wanted to die. SOOOOOO handsome. it was a really beautiful wedding and i'm very happy for them. the next day we took some family pictures before they left on their honeymoon and before tyler and his family went back to florida. the next few days were just spent hanging out while braydon went and looked at a possible practice (not the right fit unfortunately) before we got to utah angel moroni was struck by lightning on the bountiful temple and they had to replace him. so we got to see the new one. it was actually really cool and  a lot bigger then you would think. such a neat thing for my boys to see. we got to see lots of grandparents while in utah. i'm grateful that my boys love them and want to be with them. of course we had to stop and ride clyde. that is always a must when we go to utah. the boys always want to ride the horses. they got to go fishing and ride the razor with papa and then my dad took the boys camping and fishing. lots of work put into that and the boys had such an awesome time and keep talking about going again. so grateful to my dad making these memories with my kids. i'm so thankful for my awesome family and our 10pm family pictures we took. sometimes we fight, but we really all love each other and i'm grateful to learn from them. we have the most amazing parents who teach us so much about love, life and how to be good people. sometimes it's really hard living away and i know i bug them with all my FaceTime calling but it really keeps me going. This time was extra emotional and hard saying goodbye. we have always known when the next time we would all be together is and this time we do not know and it's a really scary and unsettling feeling. The flight home was ok... i was so swollen and had no ankle bone. glad the swelling finally went down after a few days. 

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