July 21, 2016

Bensy turns 4!!!

our favorite boy is 4!! Seriously how could he be 4. Benson is the sweetest and most stubborn four year old you will ever meet. And he is such an awesome kid. He is shy but really funny, crazy at home and has so much energy, he never wants to hurt anyones feelings, but he can get really mad at you if you hurt his. his favorite color is blue, he always wants to work and help his dad, his best friend is sawyer and they also can fight and forgive in an instant. He gives the most lovable hugs and his smile will melt your soul. He loves paw patrol lion guard, peppa pig, pj mask, and blaze and monster machine, he wants to be a police man when he grows up and defeat all the bad guys, he gets aways with pretty much anything when it comes to him and his dad. he is excited to start school pre k at baker place and he thinks it's pretty cool that he gets to go to the same school as sawyer. he sleeps with a million stuffed animals. He got to FaceTime his girlfriend kate for his birthday and open lots of gifts and was spoiled rotten. We couldn't love our little 4 year old anymore. He makes life better and more fun. Happy birthday little beluga. we are glad you are apart of our family and we think you are so awesome. 

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