July 20, 2016

march 2016

we have been outside a lot because we want to enjoy nice weather before it gets so so so hot. The boys had me trace their bodies and then sawyer drew the baby in chalk on the drive way we were sad when the rain washed it away. they enjoyed races with the neighbor kids. Benson kept up pretty good even though he is the youngest by a lot. we spent the day at katie and adams visiting emma in north Carolina before they move to Kentucky. we had a fun time. sunshine sent the boys some seriously darling easter outfits. They looked so handsome. we went to the copter egg drop at the fair ground it was fun but we thought that helicopter was going to blow the kids away it was so loud and things were flying everywhere and it was all out craziness when they dropped the eggs and let the kids got get them. we loved having the johnson and openshaws over. we are going to be so sad when they move to michigan. Benson hurt his middle finger and we thought it was so hilarious when he showed us we had to take  a picture. we got to clean the church and it's so good for the boys to do that and learn to serve. benson is such a trooper at my doctors appointments we got to hear the heart beat again via ultrasound thanks to my anterior placenta. we went to costco and sawyer found his new favorite spice he thought it was so funny and laughed so hard. then we went strawberry picking. they were huge and so yummy then we came home and made jam. yummy!! 

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