July 20, 2016

winter break 2015-2016

This poor sweetheart got hit in the face with a gate at the park and it totally sliced his face open. we are so glad that it wasn't worse and in his eye. we decided to have a silly string war to finish the 2015 year. it was a lot of fun. 

Our winter break has been so fun. we went geo caching. its where people hide things and you have to find them and the boys thought it was so fun. one was at the fire station and one of the firemen had to come out and help us find it. it was buried and we would have never found it. we've played in the sprinklers in December and January we have had some serious awesome morning bed head... we have done crazy faces on snap chat. went swimming at the ymca and just done our very best to entertain these crazies on limited funds. oh the residency life!

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