July 21, 2016

Mothers day 2016

Mother's day! i'm so thankful to be a mom. Honestly if that was all that i am it would be enough. i know there are people out there that would think that was crazy and i wasn't dreaming big enough and i was settling for just being a mom... well, for me it's all i have ever wanted to be and do. Obviously i have other dreams and passions, but these kids right here. they are my everything. my life my world and my heart. i am so grateful that i have been giving the title of mom. I do not take it lightly and i am truly honored to have such a high and esteemed calling. It is difficult a lot of the time, sometimes i fail, sometimes i cry, sometimes i feel like what the crap am i doing and what am i doing wrong. but then you have the days where your sons give you big hugs and tell you how much they love you, they score a soccer goal, they sing in the school program, they snuggle you when you are sick or sad, they smile at you like you are the only person in the world, they listen the first time, they learn something new, they teach you something new... these times make everything so grand. I'm thankful to have married braydon without him i wouldn't have these amazing kids. Sawyer, benson and future haskell babies, I love being your mom. i know sometimes i fail and sometimes i have to say sorry, but i am grateful that i get to be your mom and that you are my children. you are such amazing kids and i'm so proud to be your mom. i take such pride in it and it is very rewarding and fulfilling. i will continue to try everyday to be a better mom and to be the mom that you deserve. Thank you for being the best most amazing kids on the planet! I seriously seriously love you!!

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