July 20, 2016

Disney world 2016 with Bamp and Sunshine

We seriously had the best and most tiring time in disney world with my parents. my dad had a veterinary conference there and braydon got time off so we headed down to florida to hang out with our two favorite people. The drive actually went really well. we picked braydon up and we told the boys we were having a baby their reactions were so special. Sawyer got teary and benson was so sweet saying i love you. it couldn't have gone better. Sawyer still to this day talks about how emotional it made him because he was so so happy and had prayed for so long for this to happen. (these boys have such faith) we normally wouldn't tell them this early but we really wanted them to tell my parents in person. and it was hilarious. we decided to have them stage a picture but i would be recording it and the boys would yell mommy is pregnant... well they did and my parents just sat there smiling for the picture and then they got the look like take the picture already. it was hilarious. and then they finally realized it was true and its as a tear and hug fest. it was awesome. Well the next day was spent at epcot. and benson first thing got to meet his favorite pluto! he was so happy. no line just right first and he hugged him and loved on him forever. it was a little rainy so it made it feel not so hot we got to meet lots of characters at epcot. baymax was a huge hit. they loved meeting him. it was fun to taste all the soda flavors around the world some were delicious some were disgusting. the last time i was at epcot was when paul and i went with our grandparents on their grandkid trip. it was fun seeing it through the boys eyes. we then went home and went night swimming and the boys crashed hard. we got up the next day for kind of rest day. and sawyer ended up having to go to the er because he had strep poor sweetie we got him on medicine and by the night he was ready to just go to disney. so my parents went to the dinner at the conference and us four headed to disney. it was fun poor buddy still felt crappy... we were probably crappy parents for taking him, but it really was so fun. and actually kind of cold. we rode lots and lots of ride and there really were lines. and its so fun because the boys could ride EVERY ride including space mountain and they loved that ride. we went to animal kingdom and sunshine bought the boys these awesome R2D2 mickey hats. the boys love them. and they really are darling. then it was time for one more full day at disney and i really wanted to stay for the firework show. it was pretty cold so we had to stay bundled. i'm so glad we stayed the fireworks are one of the best parts. then we headed home. the next morning was spent scootering around the hotel packing and saying goodbye. it's always the worst to say goodbye. we are so thankful for this trip though. it was fun to be with bamp and sunshine. The boys love them so much and they love the boys back. we really are blessed with the best. we just wish everyone was there to make it even more fun. The boys crashed on the way home and the ride home wasn't bad just a little more sad this time then being excited getting there. 

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